Our Journey Here

Hey guys, I started this project out of a deep calling to share some techniques that helped me cope with some major issues I was having in my life. I have gone through a great many things in my life which left me on the ledge with failing mental health. I was diagnosed with PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, ADD and several other conditions. The backstory is long and arduous, but the highlights are growing up without a father (who abandoned us), being sexually assaulted as a child, holding my mother’s hand as she died of cancer and military service to name a few. About 6 years ago I was reintroduced to natural “Plant Medicines” in a ritualistic approach and the journey to my healing began. Over the years I researched many methodologies and experimented with most of them on a quest to find peace and during the last 2 years I began developing a system of interventions which incorporate ancient but scientifically researched and understood Plant Medicines with technologically current systems of application. What manifested is nothing short of a Beautiful thing. My partners and I created Obsidian in order to bring these systems into your life so that you may too find answers to your suffering. During your 7-day transcendent Ceremony or 3-day deep dive, we will guide you on a journey to help you better understand yourself, find deeper meaning in your life and work to unlock your true potential as a person.

Rock Maze

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